Expect the Unexpected

Last time my muscles ached this much was during my gym phase. I have spent last three days crafting away, laminating, moving furnitures and putting up displays. I’ve even recruited my parents to come and help me because it was actually that intense!

A kind colleague next door acting as my mentor literally saved my life. I only had bare minimal idea of what I needed to prepare at the beginning of the year. She came in on the same day as me and modelled what was expected and even shared her resources with me. I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by a friendly and supportive team.

While my classroom is no where near finished, I would like to share what I’ve achieved so far. Hope this is useful for first year grads starting up just like me. Good luck!

P.S. Ask a lot of questions! The more you ask, you save time and effort: Teachers have no time to lose. I consider myself quite independent yet today I asked someone to show me how to construct a magazine holder. I’m glad I asked as I have 21 of them to make.

Owl themed name labels: (Sourced from teachers pay teachers.com)


Mini stationery station: Sourced from IKEA and Officework

teacher office

Handchair (sourced from eBay)


flower clock

Things I purchased: storage boxes, pencil holders, magazine holders (Sourced from IKEA/They are all reclaimable on tax)


Reading corner: grass carpet and cushions (IKEA), cloud and rainbow display (handmade)

Classroom display

Welcome door display (handmade)

Classroom door

Alphabet Chart to be used as word wall:

Classroom alphabet chart

Birthday cupcakes (sourced from teachstarter)

birthdays and number


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